Comprehensive Painting

How much will it cost?
Labor: This is really what you are paying for. Make sure you ask the person giving you the bid: How many people, how many days? If one estimator says "a crew of 3 for 4 days" (12 man-days) and another estimator says "we can do this with 2 people in 3 days" (6 man-days), then that 2nd bid should be almost half the price of the first!!!
The second bid is  obviously cutting corners somewhere, usually in the preparation, which is the MOST IMPORTANT!!!
We can't give an estimate without inspecting your home, but you may want some idea of what to expect about the cost of painting or staining your home or deck. Before we give you a "ballpark" price expectation, lets first understand what goes in to the costs:
Material: You want top quality product, it is typically only about 15% of the cost, so don't get cheap here. 2 bids using the same material does NOT mean you will get the same preparation, workmanship and longevity!!! 
Overhead: This is the cost of running a professioanl business. It covers VERY important expenses such as insurance (if they don't  have it you risk unpaid damage to your home or property!!), Worker's Comp (injury insurance: if they don't have it YOU may be liable for the medical cost of injuries taking place on your property!!!), vehicle and equipment expenses, the salary of the Estimator and office staff and more. If a business doesn't incur these expenses, you take great risk not only of uninsured injuries or damage, but also of any follow-up issues such as warranty work etc. Contracting with an established company verses hiring "2 painters" is like the difference between buying a certified pre-owned vehicle from a reputable, established, local auto dealer verses buying a used car from a corner lot that wasn't there last year and probably won't be there in the furture if you have problems! Some companies that have only been in business for 1 year say they have a 10 year warranty!!! Ask them for older references or warranty references!!!
Also see the "Why choose Us" page.
So how much can you expect it to cost? For the complete exterior of a home, including labor, materials, taxes (everything...) you can expect to pay approx 1 to 1.5%  of the value of your home. For example, a home worth $300K would typically be between $3,000 and $4500. Please understand this is only a "ballpark". We DO NOT bid by assuming the value of your home! We bid according to the amount of labor required to properly prepare your home and apply a quality, warranteed coating. "Preparing" your home may include some or all of the following: power washing, scraping, sanding, wire-brushing, priming, caulking, shutter removal and reinstallment, wood repair/replacement, providing safe access to difficult areas to reach and much more. Beware: No one should be applying the finish coat to your home on the first day!!!    
Decks are more difficult to "ballpark" or give a "per square foot" price because of all the variables: height, rail system, support posts, undersides, stair cases, condition (does it need power washing or power sanding prior to staining?), etc etc.
"Most" decks cost between $800 and $2000.
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