Comprehensive Painting

Why choose Us
We have been IN BUSINESS LOCALLY for 31 years. Some "contractors" may say they have 20 years "experience" when they have simply painted something 20 years ago, or have 4 painters with 5 years experience each. "Experience" is NOT the same thing as being "in business" !!! Having been in business for 31 years means we have a long established reputation of successful relationships with homeowners, paint vendors, property managers, and other members of the business and residential communities. We can provide you with many references.
Why choose Us?
We don't just paint homes. We are experts in many coatings: Paints, transparent UV blocking stains,
solid color stains, industrial coatings and more. There are a wide variety of different products for different purposes. We are not tied to one paint vendor. We will offer you the best product to suit your specific needs. Many contractors simply want to paint everything, because it's easier, for example, than to strip and stain natural wood. Different contractors using the same product, does NOT insure that they are preparing the surface for application as extensively as we will.
WE DO NOT SUB-CONTRACT OUR WORK!! All of our employees work for us. Each of our Crew Supervisors have been with us for 5 years or more. Your Estimator typically will not be the one doing the work. Someone will be available to address any concerns you may have that are not properly addressed by your Crew Supervisor. Our reputation means everything to us! We will make every reasonable effort to insure that you are satisfied with the work. We do not make excuses to avoid warranty claims. We are "one-stop" shopping, offering: wood restoration, wood replacement, power washing, power sanding, drywall repair and texturing, wallpaper removal and more.